Relief Allergy & Sinus Institute

Nasal/Sinus Congestion

Nasal congestion or stuffy nose affects millions of Americans. What causes that familiar stuffed-up feeling? The membranes that line your nasal passages become swollen and irritated, and they make more mucus to wash out irritants, such as allergy triggers (allergens).

Any irritant can cause nasal congestion, whether allergy-based or not. Allergic causes are diagnosed as allergic rhinitis (nose membrane inflammation). Other chemical triggers, such as car exhaust or tobacco smoke, are known as nonallergic rhinitis. Infections like a cold can also obviously cause nasal congestion. Changes in temperature and barometric pressure are other triggers that lead to nasal congestion.

Our allergy testing will help identify possible allergic triggers. Our specialists will work closely with you to help determine the cause of your nasal congestion and offer avoidance measures and treatment options to help control your symptoms.

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